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iMotion Data is focused on offering our customers innovative data management and data protection solutions; primary storage, secondary storage and data protection technologies. Data is an organizations most critical asset. And data management technologies are always In Motion; advancing to make the management of your data easier, more reliable and cost effective. iMotion Data is committed to bringing these advancing technologies to our customers.

Data is the Heart and Soul of your “Data Center”.  Technologies designed to store, manage and protect your data have been rapidly evolving during the last several years after decades of “just” incremental innovation.

iMotion Data’s focus is on storage technologies that are leading the way to the new storage frontier.  We bring innovative storage technologies to the market, solutions that provide more than simply incremental improvements to existing methods of data storage and protection.

Taking advantage of these new storage advances can increase the performance of your environment, enhance data protection RPO’s and RTO’s and decrease the total cost of data management.

Gartner has recently reported that the average organization spends 44% of their IT budget on storage.  Something has to change.  The old ways of processing, managing and protecting data are simply not keeping up with the requirements of exponential data growth that all organizations are experiencing.

New, innovative storage technologies must be adopted if the cost of data management is to be contained.

iMotion Data is committed to identifying and bringing these new storage technologies to our customers so they can:

- Control exploding data storage and management costs

- Realize higher levels of data availability and protection

- Gain maximum business value from their data thru analytics

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