Storage Efficiency

Managing storage to achieve efficiencies

With data comes complexity in the areas of efficiency, security, and reliability. We understand these complexities and architect and implement best-of-breed solutions that meet our client's requirements of cost reduction, risk reduction, and feature improvement.

Storage efficiency is a process of continuous improvement that may incorporate several projects to achieve the desired goals.

  • Storage Consolidation - reduce cost, increase manageability and utilization efficiencies by consolidating your storage platforms
  • Storage Tiering - ensure data is in the most cost effective locations and is simple to manage and provision
  • Storage Virtualization - increase agility and provide flexibility of provisioning; enable global name space; enable storage independence allowing migration to any storage platform
  • Data Deduplication - increase the efficiency and reliability of backup and restore; decreases the space required for virtual machines and unstructured data
  • Storage Capacity Management - analyze current storage usage and trends and plans for future storage needs
  • Data Archiving - archive data based on retention requirements and accessibility
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