Data Protection

Manage your backup to reduce costs, meet performance requirements and SLA's

The world of backups has expanded into more complex data protection issues.  Deduplication and disk-based backups can increase backup and recovery speeds and efficiencies.  iMotion Data understands these complexities and delivers solutions for clients that fit their requirements and optimize their operations.

There are multiple approaches to insure your data is protected and to improve the responsiveness of your backup environment.

  • Internal Backup and Recovery - replace, remediate, or optimize data backup and recovery to meet SLAs, economic efficiency and IT productivity
  • Data Deduplication - meet shorter backup windows and more reliable restores and/or to enable disk to disk backup
  • Data Replication - ensure immediate, secure access to critical data even if there is a site failure, loss of a file/data, or if access is needed in remote locations
  • External Backup and Recovery - provide for alternatives to internal backups to meet compliance or SLA requirements using external internet based services. A project to reduce cost, complexity, and administrative overhead for running internal backups.
  • Data Archiving - ensure that data retention policies are in compliance with corporate, legal, or outside regulations
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